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Kathy and Charity Receive your dream interpretation from proven Interpreters who have interpreted thousands of dreams for people in various walks of life to include business, political, government and TV personalities. Interpretations come via written format by e-mail. Dream interpretations can be life transforming. Once you make a donation we will send you a confirmation email. You can then send your dream to that email address and we will begin working on helping you with the interpretation.

Prophetic ministry or dream interpretation for a minimum $35 donation. You can donate via Paypal below or if you are in a country that does not allow donations to non-profits you can click this link (our online bookstore) and include what it is for in the memo portion of the transaction.






 I got the word yesterday. Thank you! I have listened to it 3 times and am going through it bit by bit and making notes. It was over 11 minutes long and I loved every second of it! I will be listening to it many more times. It was so very accurate and there were so many dimensions to it. I find that by writing it out and including the scriptures referenced in the word, the detail becomes even more vivid and specific. I missed things while listening only but as I would listen, type, listen, type, listen, type, I found myself drawn to specific words & seeing more clearly. How cool is that!


I was so excited when I got the word! There was so much accuracy that I thank you both for developing your prophetic gift so well. It felt like getting a love note from God. I’ll definitely refer people to you!



Blessings to all of you. The interpretation of the dream was very accurate and fulfilling. My wife and I have   just embarked on a new ministry and have received numerous dreams regarding that. We were in fact feeling like we were blindfolded and unsure of where we are to go. All we were sure of, was that the Lord said go. We were humbled and very, very blessed by the prophetic words and prayers. They mean sooooooooooooo much and we will memorize the declaration scripture regarding ” The Spirit of the Lord is upon me”. Thank you so much and may God richly bless all of you…


I want to inform you how right on it the word was!!!  I was totally blown away with how you knew so much about me and we have never met and you knew nothing about me. It was definitely a “pure word” from the Lord. Thank you so much! I will be chewing on this “meat” for a long time.


The words that I heard were right on target for the season I am currently in and have helped me to better understand things that I have been confused about regarding this particular season in my life. I have been comforted and nurtured by the prophetic voice of Gods people, since being introduced to prophetic ministry during my time in college.  I have recently understood the immense amount of spiritual warfare one must go through before becoming mature in the prophetic.  All to say, I truly thank you for enduring even the hardest of times to glorify the name of Jesus Christ and be able to encourage, edify and comfort the children of God.  I know the hard times are not talked about often but I have to express my sincere gratitude for you endurance and obedience to speak to people like me.


Thank you so very much for your words to me.  You both had just the right scriptures and words full of life and hope and encouragement.  Your words gave comfort and confirmation that my life is going in the right direction.  I really needed that! It amazes me that we can pray for others – get pictures and words for others – be in two geographical locations but in the spirit realm there is no distance or time – just His presence – that is so awesome!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!


Thank you so much! This is strong confirmation to what the Lord has been speaking to my heart.  The accuracy is spot on! I will be sharing this with others to help them receive the blessing. I also plan on giving this as gifts. Thank you and bless you for making yourselves available this way, May you be blessed abundantly beyond what you hoped or imagined! ____________________________________________________________________________

Thanks and gratitude to you and your family, Pastor Campbell.  Your  family’s obedience has revived some and brought some prodigals back in my family! We are so VERY THANKFUL for the prophetic words and from Our LORD… ____________________________________________________________________________

God has again absolutely astounded me.  He loves me so much that he would give three different people a Word that would save me in this season.  This love humbles me and keeps me in this time.  Everything each one of them said was amazingly accurate.  I have often been in situations in life that I did not understand but I can stand in absolute clarity knowing that My Father who is in heaven loves me and will never leave me. He has a future and a hope for me and for now that will be enough.  I thank you for seeking the face of God on my behalf.  I ask God continue to bless you and increase you. Much love and respect… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for the wonderful word. You minister from our Father’s heart and the words received bring great joy, comfort, exhortation, and edification. I feel the Lord’s anointing in the prophecies, even in your voices as you give the word. You ladies are an awesome team…


I can’t tell you how blessed  and overcome I am on hearing your prophetic words for me, from the Lord! They each speak right into my life so clearly and are confirmation of what the Lord has told well as edifying me…such an awesome blessing. Thank you so much..I am richly blessed and your ministry is of tremendous value… ____________________________________________________________________________

I opened the prophetic word with great anticipation this evening.  The words swept over me in waves of joy and refreshing. I humbly thank you for your gift to the Body of Christ, and to me in particular. Sincerely… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much for the words and prayers. I am overwhelmed by the love, the topics/themes the Spirit showed you, etc. like you know me and what is happening in my life really well. This prophetic input is a great encouragement and inspiration. I really appreciate the effort and prayers you put into this message and thus into my life. Last week I watched your message, Kathy, on A new season on YouTube  (event at Morningstar?) and I just loved listening to you.  You speak with a gentle authority that is very powerful but also unique in the prophetic. When I grow up in the prophetic (J)  I’d love to be a little like you in showing Gods heart as well as speaking His words into people’s lives. I hope I will be able to be in your audience one day in a conference of so. I’ll watch out for opportunities! My prayers are that the Lord blesses your ministry and will provide lavishly. A very grateful Dutch disciple, motivated more than ever to focus forward…


I sooooo want to thank you  for this ministry it was incredibly on target and was a very great blessing to me.  I was encouraged and feel like i can take a deep breath and continue on my journey in the Lord. Again my very sincere thank you from a deep place in my heart. May the Lord bless all of you n your families… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank-you sooo much, I am in tears because it definitely was a word from God!… ____________________________________________________________________________

I received my prophetic word already, my tears keep on falling while listening to it, it touches me… ____________________________________________________________________________

I would like to thank Kathy, Charity and Ignited Ministries NY for encouraging me at a very difficult time in my    life. Your prophetic word sparked my heart up again.  It was what I needed to hear. I felt encouraged and renewed on my journey with The Lord.  Again thank you for declaring and speaking words of hope and life back into my heart… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you both, and please thank the girls that prophesied and prayed.   It was such an uplifting time in the Spirit, and I so appreciated the depth of each part of the Word. You locked into some of the most profound pieces of scripture that have been given me over the last 40 years, since I have known Him… ____________________________________________________________________________

How wonderful, l thank-you so much for be willing to do this. So many of us need encouragement and one word from the Lord can renew our strength.  Thank-you for that!!!… ____________________________________________________________________________

I have listened to this audio probably 10 times now or so and every time I am so amazed. It is like you know me. I am excited to hear your words. Thank you so much and God bless you both… ____________________________________________________________________________

I have received your word and have been very encouraged by it. They definitely give that push to keep moving forward and to get a fresh perspective on the Fathers heart. It is also really good to have them recorded so that I can go back to them. I am not sure how to do this but I would like to see the rest of my family each have their own prophetic word like I got… ____________________________________________________________________________

Very CLEAR words have been spoken to me and I am humbled and joyful and  happy, happy, happy! This has given me additional peace and comfort and confidence in Him. Yes,  he HAS heard my cries. Yes, He HAS and IS watching over me and Yes, he Does give us words of direction, confirmation through others…. I do so want to go out and come in with increased discernment, wisdom to walk before God and man with and IN the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage for others and for myself in Jesus name. And I will… ____________________________________________________________________________

God Bless you all so much and thank you for being vessels of God!!!!  I was soo blessed by my prophetic word. It is so accurate and has brought so much comfort and joy to me today and has helped heighten my faith and expectations of the Lord… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much.. I’ve been listening to the recording everyday for encouragement… ____________________________________________________________________________

Everything in the prophecy was bang on. God was definitely talking to these woman… ____________________________________________________________________________

I can’t thank you enough for the encouraging word. What a blessing to have God confirm and expound on what he has been saying to me. I am excited,… “whatever may come”, because I know that God is in it and loves me… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much!! Incredible…word from the Lord for me. What an awesome God we serve!! This word touched me more than I have words for. I am so grateful for you and your ministry. Thank you for having ears to hears and eyes to see. God bless you and keep you always…


I want to sincerely thank the ladies for their obedience in listening to the Holy Spirit and speaking to my heart. I was so encouraged: the message was accurate and on point! Things that God has revealed to me in the past were reiterated and confirmed. Also, what is happening now in my life was addressed! It is so good to know that God loves us and knows our heart!… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much for the prophetic word and would like to confirm that all you said is accurate and encouraging… I couldn’t stop crying…


What a beautiful ministry you have.  All that was spoken was “right on” and I even asked God for something “specific” and he did it through your Prophetic team member that joined Kathy on the recording… ____________________________________________________________________________

God is amazing and he used you to soooo bless me. Everything you ministered touched my deeply and to tears. My being resonates with your words and I look forward to fulfilling what God has said for me to do… ____________________________________________________________________________

Oh, my…. a right on word, at just the right time… I didn’t know I needed to hear all that, but both Charity and Kathy spoke much needed refreshment to my heart. Sometimes it has been so hard to keep up the good fight, and so much has seemed against me… but I know His ways are true, He has me on a good path, and there is still so much more for me and the people He puts in my way. To hear Charity’s and Kathy’s  reinforcing, knowing words strengthens me, and excites me for all the more that God has in store, and appreciation for all that He’s done so far. I RECEIVE IT! God bless you all and your ministry! I love this method of delivery!!… ____________________________________________________________________________

The prophetic word I received was  laser sharp, spot on and in agreement with what other prophets had prophesied to me earlier. What an awesome team you have in Ignited Ministries! I believe Ignited Ministries has a divine assignment in the last days to release a fresh breath of Life from heaven into the lives of many of God’s people. May God continue to use IM mightily and bring rivers of life to those who are hungry for His Rhema Word! ____________________________________________________________________________

Received My Prophetic Word. Thank You So Much. God Is Awesome…….. ____________________________________________________________________________

I am deeply blessed. What a wonderful gift the Lord has given you both, to touch lives with the very presence of God. Amen…… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much for the beautiful Prophetic message!  I so much appreciate you & your ministry. God’s Richest Blessings Always… ____________________________________________________________________________

Tell Kathy and friend thank you for the words, prayers, and encouragement. It all truly spoke to my heart and has helped me a lot.  God is surely faithful.  Keep up the good work for His Kingdom.  God bless you all!… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much. The Word I received was and is so refreshing. I am still being ministered to by it. I am so grateful… ____________________________________________________________________________

I am sending this email to say thank you to you and the team for the awesome on target prophetic word from     God that I received… ____________________________________________________________________________

OMG it overwhelmed me, every word was from the Lord and only God would know…. Just to hear and receive the confirmation on what God is doing in an through me wow only He could have been the one to reveal that to them…I’m still listening and praying… ____________________________________________________________________________

I will be requesting a word for my husband in the next few weeks…since I will be using my card I will email you first then make the donation so you know to look out for it.. ____________________________________________________________________________

I have also shared with people about your ministry… they have asked for your web site so I’m sharing it…in this day and time people need to hear from God themselves as well as get confirmation and your ministry and team does just that…. ____________________________________________________________________________

Once again thank you and the team so so much for allowing God to use them in such an awesome, powerful prophetic way… ____________________________________________________________________________

I just want to tell you & your team that I was overwhelmed with the prophecy that you sent to me.  None of  you know me but the prophecy was so on target that it is uncanny.  I am totally blessed by the word that was sent, it brought me to tears… ____________________________________________________________________________

Praise the Most High God!  He knows me so well!  Thank you for the words of God!  They were right on in  each area of life I have been facing.  May Almighty God continue to bless your ministry and gifts for the body of Christ!… ____________________________________________________________________________

Received and wow!  Thank you…


Blessings, Honor, and Glory to the Lord our God and to our Savior forever! ____________________________________________________________________________

I am writing to say how uplifted and encouraged I was by the word I received from your prayer session time over me. The descriptions of circumstances, life settings and situations were very right on; nearly all the verses used were ones near and dear to my heart. The Word of knowledge is keen and accurate in your lives. I was greatly blessed. Thanks for taking the time to hear the Lord on my behalf… ____________________________________________________________________________

This word really uplifted and encouraged me. I am going     through a very difficult trial (I have been in a storm of severe chronic illness for 12 years now…) so it was very timely. God bless you and thank you!… ____________________________________________________________________________

I got it, listening now…thank you so very much!!  Please pass my gratitude along.  Thank you again, and praying tremendous blessing upon you guys!…


Thank you guys! You are a real blessing. Your encouragement has been great in a dark time in my life. Thanks again!… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much for the prophetic word….it was right on target and has encouraged me greatly!  Please share that with the prophetic team that ministered to me.  Blessings to all of you… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much!!!!  Such a confirmation and encouragement.  Bless you all!!!… ____________________________________________________________________________

I just wanted to thank you again.  I listen and listen and listen to my word.  Pure prophecy to the smallest detail… ____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you so much for taking the time to send a good word from the Lord.  It strengthened and refreshed me and increased my hope… ____________________________________________________________________________

Wow… when I get a moment…. I can’t possibly tell you how much this has blessed me and my family…


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  1. Aubrey Lyle says:

    Pastor Kathy and Charity I love you ladies so much. I am so blessed by the word you’ve given me. My mind was like… “they must have been right next to me while I was praying to God in my secret place.” Haha!! This is so encouraging. I’ve kept a lot of the recorded prophecies you gave me over the years and I’m so amazed when the word comes to pass. God bless you guys! See you all soon :)

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